Bad Novels Breaking the Enchantment

Breaking the Enchantment

Urban Fantasy

Publishing 10 Chapters

Author:Luo Jing

Translator:Yuzhi Yang, Bagel

Editor:Kim Fout, Bagel




Leng An found himself living in a world full of illusions made by dark powers. He woke up once seeing a snow-covered world in summer, red pupils like burning fire in his eyes, which shined and soon disappeared. But the most horrible thing was that his body was out of his control and he walked to a certain place to get in a Bugatti that was already waiting for him. From the back seat, he saw a girl, Cloud Xuanyuan, his classmate and the most beautiful in their high school. But the girl had become a monster, with scales covering her whole body. Was this also an illusion? Leng An chased her to find the truth. . .

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