The Hermit

Author: No Sweet Apples


Xue Si, the fourth son of the Xue Family, was nearly disabled in a world where people cultivated for immortality, because he did not possess Douqi (a sort of Qi, or energy, used for fighting) by the time he was 16. But Xue Si had his own thoughts about this and he not only overcame the difficulty of not having Douqi, but also cultivated himself into an immortal in the ancient world where he was living, and then started his journey to conquer the universe and the planets in another time-space.

Sword and Love

Author: Tao Mingrui


This was a land full of martial energies. Everybody possessed a special martial spirit that was woken up at eight by the body owner. Seven levels of the spirits were marked with the colors of rainbow, and only those spirits above red (level three) could be cultivated. A time long ago, on an ancient battlefield between Evil and Good, Xuanqingzi, the top martial god of the most highest heavens, fought with Chengtian, the king of the devils. Though Chengtian failed and died, he heavily injured Xuanqingzi and smashed his martial spirits into pieces. Only one piece of Xuanqingzi was left alive and it fell to Earth, where it turned into a normal person. But this guy was almost worthless because the martial spirit in him was incomplete. Could he fight again?

Become the Immortal Supreme

Author: Tao Mingrui


Xiao Rongxuan was a normal college graduate in the 21st century. One day when he went to the office as usual, a meteorolite suddenly landed on him. Though he was lucky enough to escape from the stone, he died when he was hit by a steel pipe that fell from a building. As destined, he traveled to another interesting land, a quite different world full of magic and Douqi (a sort of Qi, or energy, used for fighting). In the beginning, the heaven and earth just separated from each other, and the universe split into four spaces, being a space for the holies, for the devils, for mankind, and for ghosts. In the space for human beings, there were 3,000 worlds similar to the Earth, formed by intelligent beings. Beyond the four spaces, there was still a secret space that was seldom mentioned, a space with an amazing dragon pearl that balanced the other four spaces. Once the pearl was contaminated by dust, all the creatures living on the 3,000 worlds of the human space would suffer. If any of the other three spaces obtained more power than the other two, the pearl would absorb it and keep the balance of the three. This led to the saying that anyone who controlled the pearl would be supreme among the whole universe.